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    Table with various row count from .net service (WSDL)


      Hi all.


      There many posts about it. But...


      I create adobe form in LC Designer ES2 9.0

      1. Add data connection from wsdl.

      My service respond array of string (string[])



      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



      2. Drag entire dataconnection to the form.

      it generate 3 nested subforms ("getstringresponse", "getstringresul"t, "untitled subform") and 1 textfield named "string" in "untitled subform". + button for execution

      3. After loading that form in adobereader i Click execute button and nothing happen.... but if i change min count for "untitled subform" after load form  it show blanc fields. and fill it after execution from service. But number of fields is constant that i set for min count at Binding tab.



      Where can i find right tutorial for create form with various row counts service?