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    Versions and Windows2000

    Rod W B

      The specs say that Reader 9.4 works with my system -- Windows2000 SP4.  When I select "different operating system" and select Windows2000 SP4 it returns two options:  9.4 and 8.2.  If I select version 8.2 and ask for system specs I get a screen with "Adobe Reader X" with specs that DO NOT list Windows2000.  Can anybody confirm:


      1) are 8.2 and  X  are the same thing?
      2) does 8.2 work with Windows2000?
      3) does X  work with W2000


      Is  X  a no-charge Reader?  What is it??
      Does X have the incompatibility with IRS (and others?) PDF forms that was seemingly added as a feature in version 9?