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    Recording Stopped in Edit Mode


      I use Adobe Audition for Windows to make stereo recordings of classical ensembles I perform with.  I decided to try out the Mac beta so that I wouldn't have to boot into Windows just to record a concert.  I tested my recording gear at home by making a 4 hour recording, and everything worked fine.


      I recorded a concert tonight.  I stopped the recording at the end of the concert, and saved the wav file to my hard disk.  When I got home to edit the recording and make a CD, I discovered that only about 1/2 of the concert had been recorded.  I swear that it was still recording when I stopped it at the end of the night, but now I'm second-guessing myself.


      In either case, half of my concert is missing.  Either the save corrupted the wav file and clipped it short, or the recording simply stopped itself 57 minutes into our performance.  Is there anything that could cause Audition to just stop recording? Any issues where data stopped being saved to disk, but the gui still appears to be recording?  Any reports of audio being cropped on save?


      There's no entries in the Console logs when I filter for the word "audition".  I even set my mouse corner to ensure that a screensaver didn't start up. I wish I could narrow it down to exactly what happened to help you guys out more, but this is very distressing at the moment.  The only other thing I can think of is that someone walked up and pressed the spacebar in the middle of a performance...  Not very likely...

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          ryclark Adobe Community Professional

          What bit depth and sample rate were you recording with?


          AIFF files are limited to a maximum of 2GB. So with large sample rates and full bit depth your recording might have come up against that limit as you were recording in Edit view. The Multitrack view has ways around that limit I think.

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            _durin_ Adobe Employee

            As ryclark mentioned, it would be helpful to know the sample rate at which you were recording, as well as how many simultaneous tracks.  (If in Edit View, were you recording to stereo, or mono?)


            We're currently investigating an issue that may exhibit during high sample-rate, high-bitrate, "long" recordings on some systems, so this information would be very helpful.

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              Pickles820 Level 1

              Absolutely.  Here's my setup:


              Macbook Pro w/ 256GB SSD

              MBox 3 Pro connected via firewire 800 port.


              Was recording in Edit Mode.

              Basic stereo 44.1kHz/16bit recording.

              Saved as WAV file.  Resulting file is about 350MB


              I checked again this morning just to make sure I wasn't crazy.  Turns out that there is actually only about 35 minutes of audio recorded.  That 57 minute number I gave earlier was the length of the recording when I saved it, which would have been the full length of the concert.  I'm nowhere near any filesystem or audio file format thresholds.  The data simply isn't there.



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                I have had this same problem, and resources/file size were not challenged. I've had some success with quitting and relaunching AA4 just prior to a capture, but I still wouldn't trust it for a live recording.


                This problem with the AA4 beta will certainly be solved before the final release. In the meantime, I'd suggest Audacity for simple stereo capture capturing. Then, open and edit with AA4.

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                  Pickles820 Level 1

                  Thanks for the confirmation that I'm not crazy.  I was getting ready to check video footage to see if some kid sneaked up and stopped my recording.


                  I have protools, I just prefer Audition for basic stereo recording.  I'll stick with protools or booting into Windows for my recording sessions until Audition for Mac is officially released.

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                    _durin_ Adobe Employee

                    I wanted to update this thread and let you know that we were able to isolate and resolve some recording issues that would either truncate recordings, or appear to truncate while continuing to record in the background, that will be resolved when Audition is released.  This was difficult to reproduce on most systems, but surprisingly simple on others.  I wish we were able to offer an updated public beta release, but I hope you'll try to verify that this has been resolved when the 30-day free trial of Audition is released and let me know your results.