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    Audio Problem - Scratchy/Squeaky Noises

    Dinkyfish Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I'm in the process of building a Flash game just now and keep hitting problems with the audio. The problem is occurring at random (sometimes when I build it's not there at all, other times it's really noticable) and only ever seems to happen with short audio clips (like sound effects) and never with background music.


      Essentially whenever I build my project and play it back in Flash Player some of the sound effects sound absolutely terrible as they seem to have developed a horrible squeaking or scratching noise over them, or sometimes just a kind of squeaky 'click' at the end of the sound. It honestly has the same effect as nails down a blackboard - it makes you cringe! I've been searching for days via google and have found a few people having the same problem but there never seems to be a solution beyond 'keep building your project over and over until you get a build without the audio glitches' which isn't much help!


      All the audio for the project has been sent to me in AIF format. When importing all the audio files to my fla file (for use with actionscript) I set them to use the default compression for the entire project, which is: MP3, 80kbps, Best. I unchecked the 'convert stereo to mono' checkbox as well because the sounds are already in mono, but i have tested the project with it checked as well and it made no difference. I have tried upping the kbps to 128kbps and this didn't help either. When played from the library the sounds play absolutely fine, so I can only assume the problem MUST be with the compression.


      Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? Or can anyone think of anything that might help? I'll try just about anything just now haha The only thing I've found that works is turning the compression off entirely, but then the swf jumps from 1.8Mb to nearly 12Mb which is absolutely no use!


      Thanks in advance.

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          somascope Level 3

          Sounds like a random, frustrating problem to deal with - no fun! One recommendation I would make, regardless of how many audio files you have imported into your Flash file, is to pre-compress your audio files outside of Flash as MP#s, and then import those. This isn't exactly a "fix", but is a nice work-around.


          This avoids Flash doing any compression, and has the additional benefit of keeping your FLA file's size down, too. There are probably more than a few free MP3 encoding programs you can find on the Internet. Compress your audio files to maybe 128kbps (it depends on what final file size you are going for with the final SWF(s)). Be sure that, when you view the properties of your imported MP#s, the box "Use imported MP3 qualoity" is checked (or else Flash re-compresses them, too). Delete all the AIF files from the FLA library.

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            Dinkyfish Level 1

            Thanks for the response and sorry I've been so horrendously slow in getting back to you. I was holding out for my white knight in shinging armour coming along and saying "Ah that's easy to fix, just do X, Y & Z" lol Then when that didn't happen I forgot entirely.


            Seeing as no full solution has been forthcoming I have done as you suggested, and asked the sound producer to compress everything himself. Not an ideal solution but if it works don't knock it! Thanks again.