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    Pls. Help with this System

    payal_C Level 1



      I am planning to get a new computer for myself. As money is of constraints, I would like to settle for an i5 desktop computer. I have read above articles on how to build PC, but the comp. mentioned in budget is i7. My main requirements from the new PC would be editing DV and HDV Contents for making films of about 20 minutes in duration and also editing DVD files (.Vob) in Canopus Edius and finally giving the output on DVD.




      I would be editing my DV and HDV material in Premier Pro 2 but would like to go in for advanced version also. Besides premiere I use after effects, Photoshop and 3ds Max. I would appreciate if you can guide me which i5 processor to go for i.e dual core/quad core/sandy bridge?




      I read some good reviews of sandy bridge version of i5, so I am more tilted towards sandy bridge (yet awaiting your suggestions and advice).




      Please suggest me a descent mother board and Graphic Card to go with i5. I would be having 4 Gb DDR3 RAM.




      Again I am not looking for a rocket computer, just an i5 computer that can work efficiently and hopefully fast. Currently, i am working on  P4 Computer (i know that's too old to even mention).


      Any suggestions and help would be appreciated.


      Thanks n regards