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    multiple buttons and components not functioning

      I am trying to convert a flash folio to actionscript 3. I feel I’m close but I’m missing something. I do not know what is wrong with the actionscript logic but the multiple buttons wont function nor will the loader/ progress bar component. Once I get one frame right I can continue with same actionscript basis for others.

      I would greatly appreciate any help as tutorials I have come across don't seem to work.

      I have endeavoured to describe my timeline setup and I have attached the frame code that I cannot get to work. At the moment the time frame keeps looping despite using the stop command, whilst the buttons and AC3 loader/ progress components do not seem to function whilst testing.

      I have put all the actionscript for this particular frame in the top layer named “actions”

      The other layers below on the stage are as follows:

      -a layer containing buttons
      -a layer containing for progress bar component
      -a layer for the loader component loading file called “recycle-web-map-4-folio.png”
      -a layer for text and background artwork

      On the stage are:

      -progress bar component instance name of “recyclingProg”
      -UI loader component instance name of “recyclingLoad”
      -Button instance name of “contactUs”
      -Button instance name of “profilePage”
      -Button instance name of “workPage”
      -Button instance name of “applyPage”

      In addition within this scene named “main”, frame name labels have been created named “profile”, “work”, “apply”

      Here is the action script that is in the layer named “actions”: