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    flv not playing automatically


      I have an .flv file that I was able to extract from a YouTube video. The video belongs to a friend and she wants it on her site without the YouTube wrapper it now has.  I want to put it on her website and have it play automatically when the page opens.  I cannot get this to work. I can get a link to show and when I click on it, it prompts me to save it or play in media-player or such.  Then it will download and start to play.  What I'd like is for the page to just start playing the file when the page opens.


      I've seen sites where a .flv file is hosted and when going to the page, the video just plays.  I've never worked with these files before.  I have worked with Flash some and created .swf files for the web.  Never, just a .flv file.


      How can I do this?  Any help would be appreciated.


      Thanks much!