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    Reader update error 1107 on specific network




      When attempting to update Adobe Reader (Mac) on our network (a large K-12 .edu network), clients receive an error "1107."  Clicking the "details" link is of no help.  If we take the same machine to a different network, updates work just fine.


      I've looked at live packet filtering logs on our firewall when a client attempts to update, but do not see anything that sticks out.  I've also attempted different DNS servers on the client with the same results.


      Here's the log information from Adobe Reader when attempting to update:


      2011-03-01 06:54:50 -0700: Downloading updater from : http:/armdl.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/mac/9.x/9.4.1/misc/AdbeRdrUpd941_all_i386.app.zip

      2011-03-01 06:54:50 -0700: Adobe Reader Updater encountered errorCode 1107

      2011-03-01 06:54:52 -0700: ***** Ending update to /Applications/Adobe Reader 9_/Adobe Reader.app

      2011-03-01 06:54:52 -0700: Error shown to user is: Error Domain=com.adobe.ARM Code=1107 "The operation couldn’t be completed. (com.adobe.ARM error 1107.)"



      I do notice the URL is missing a forward slash on the protocol, but copying/pasting this exact URL into a web browser works fine.  So what is the application, Adobe Reader, doing differently that's causing it to fail on our network?  We're obviously able to access the updates via a web browser (the same from the logs).


      Any insight would be most useful.  We've been plagued by this issue network-wide for quite a while now.