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    Leave my unordered lists alone, Adobe!

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      You'd think that by Version 8 (their third iteration since taking over), Adobe would know enough not to arbitrarily change UL lists to OL lists! NoooOOOOOooooo!


      Having seen this idiocy before, I've taken to opening certain topics in HTML View only. However, it seems that any peripheral functions will activate this unwanted list rewrite. For example, I just assigned a CBT to a topic while I had it open in HTML View, and RH changed all my ULs to OLs (I don't know if this would have happened if the topic were not open, but I don't dare test that). Since I had added a ton of these UL lists in this topic to create three-level CSS/JavaScript drop-down menus, this is a major deal.


      What I had not fully realized until now with this UL-to-OL rewrite, is that RH also adds these ridiculous positioning elements (I mean, I had seen them before, but thought them inconsequential because there were only a few). It seems that in its infinite wisdom RH is actually taking no chances that the browser might not place these brand new ordered list items one beneath the other. For example:


      <ol style="x-right: 9977px; x-bottom: 10113px;">

      <ol style="x-right: 9932px; x-bottom: 9885px;">



      Look, Adobe, I don't mind that AIR, multi-level lists, and table styles still don't work; I just don't use them, so they cause me no grief. But overwriting my code like this is truly unacceptable! Why in heaven's name would you think you know better than me what type of list I want?


      You should be providing immediate help for this (a script, an RH upgrade, and a week in Aruba). I will not be entering a bug report, since all my other bug/wish enties have gone totally ignored over the last seven years. I'm just venting here, before I start repairing this ridiculous RH behavior (darned good thing I have FAR to help me cope with it).



      Seriously considering defecting to another tool,