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    Add row with IM and keep previous addItem values in Dropdown


      I have a dropdown selection menu that runs the following script to add items into another Dropdown menu embedded into a row of a table:


      IVIGINV.Row1.IGINV1.rawValue == ""



      = xfa.event.newText




      if (this.rawValue == "Flebogamma") {

      IVIGINV.Row[1].IGINV1.addItem ("Flebogamma 5% 0.5gm Vial -0501");

      IVIGINV.Row1.IGINV1.addItem ("Flebogamma 5% 2.5gm Vial -0502");

      IVIGINV.Row1.IGINV1.addItem ("Flebogamma 5% 5gm Vial -0503");

      IVIGINV.Row1.IGINV1.addItem ("Flebogamma 5% 10gm Vial -0504");

      IVIGINV.Row1.IGINV1.addItem ("Flebogamma 5% 20gm Vial -0505");



      The table has a button with a javascript to addInstance of the row into the table:




      My problem is that once I add another instance of the row, the values that had been placed in the DropDown Menu of the Row using the addItem scripts are not populating to the new Dropdown menus in the new rows


      I will also need these new Dropdown menus in new rows to change if the user changes the value in the initial Dropdown selection.


      Any help would be appreciated