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    Embedding applets in swf

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      Is there any way to embed a java applet in a swf file? Looking online I could only find info about older versions of Flash, and wasn't sure if support had been added, thanks.

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          Hero Protagonist Level 1

          There is no JVM running inside the Flash player that could play a Java applet.


          You can however embed the Flash Player into a Java Application with the Developer SDK and licence.


          There are also packages like this: http://www.jpackages.com/jflashplayer/


          But I don't know how well that work, what versions of SWF or AS that they support.


          Depending on what you want to do this for you could use a mix of DHTML, javascript, and the External Interface APIs to in a sence, float a Java Applet above your instance of the Flash Player that is playing your SWF and use the apis to allow them to communicate with each other so that they appear to be working together as one seemless entity.  It won't be easy though, and you may get some glitches across browsers.


          Hope that helps..