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    Batch Action to Distribute Layers Evenly (without align/distribute tool)


      Hi everyone, I'm having trouble distributing layers in photoshop. I have try many way to batch the process via action script but failed doing it the way I needed it. Please let me know if you have any idea. Here's what I need to do.


      I have 360 PNGs (like the one on the left below) and trying to put them into one PSD files with transparency. The problem is I need to have the layers spaced evenly with precise pixel in between AND all images layout in the correct sequence (so each will be 1 rotation degree off).


      So I went into Bridge, select all 360 PNG and combined them into one photoshop file. But then all images landed on top of each other, then I tried the align/distribute tool but they messed up the sequence and I have no way to control pixel spacing. I have many sets of these needed to be done and I'm in pain trying to get this working. Please help and thanks in advance!