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    Think twice before using air for business publications ..


      It never ceases to amaze me how publishers seem to quickly jump on the new technology geek fad without really stopping to think about it. Adobe air is no exception!


      Sure air looks good and all that but why as a business would I want flash player eBooks, flip books, or air books? What possible feature do they give me above PDF files? With PDF files a company can create their own corporate intranet search engine which can be used to search across a multitude of documents and categories.


      To be perfectly blunt I do not even see the need to have consumer publications in air or any other format other than PDF. If you are going to publish something in air or some other flip book format or flash format do yourself and your business a huge favor, supply PDF file download options as well.


      As a company with an extensive PDF library and as a company that promotes online publications to other companies both to utilize in research and for advertising in, PDF is our only interest. Adobe air and other formats have started to take off in many publications we both pay to subscribe and pay to advertise in. Air and other flip books have become so prevalent in the recent past that our company had to finally draw the line in the sand. We along with many of our clientele recently notified publishers we would no longer be purchasing advertising with them until all issues future and past issues were restored to pdf formats, we have also informed the publishers of all our subscription based publications that we were not only cancelling our paid subscriptions but also donating the remainder of those subscriptions to other non-profit organizations and libraries since air and other formats have no business use for us. This stand we made has cost one publisher in excess of $15,000 USD per month in cancelled advertisements.


      We are not against air, or flip books by any means, we are however against any publisher who would stop providing the publications in a known and valued format such as PDF. If they want to provide air or any other formats great, go ahead, but leave the pdf publications intact!


      Why would a business desire to have a publication in more than 200 files when a single pdf file has everything a business needs? Another issue is why do we want all that junk on our business networks? A single publication has over 200 files to it when there are not even that many pages inside the publication!


      One of the biggest irritations we have is with Adobe, why in the world they would make air or flash or anything else where it could not quickly and easily be saved to pdf.


      Before you create your new air or flip book or flash publication consider this, is your market the business world? If so go through the steps needed to use and search your publications as if you were the business reader, then consider whether it appears to be taking you much more time than if it was in pdf, then think about this... if a business sold you a product or even gave you a product that took you or your employees a lot more time to use how happy would you be with that company or how likely are you to use that product? A small example go to nxtbook, isuu, zudu or any of the many other online digital format places and go through the steps to download an issue. Once you have done that go to a site that gives a direct link to the pdf version without having to go through the hoops of the previously mentioned sites and tell me which is easier and faster! We have banned ALL of the supposed CDN digital networks from our corporate networks completely due to the time wasted on these sites trying to retrieve publications. Any publisher on those sites have also had their respective websites black listed as well.


      People this is not a rail against new options or formats, it is against removing the PDF options from the business world like many have done. If you desire to have air, online and other publications then why not make it easy for everyone, provide direct LINKS to PDF, HTML, and Online publications directly instead of forcing people to first open an online version before being able to download the version they want, you just wasted you potential clients/market viewers time by doing that. To me this format is akin to telemarketers!