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    Project Settings to match input video.


      Hi there,


      I have been having a bunch of trouble with project settings in elements.


      What I am doing is creating time lapse videos from a series of images.  I already have video files that I have created using VirtualDub software.  The specs for the videos is below:


      Frame Width: 2048

      Frame Height: 1536

      Data rate: 33567 kbps

      Total bitrate: 33567 kbps

      Frame rate: 24


      What I need is a project setting in elements that lets me work with this video without it getting squashed or inserting the "dreaded black border" around it.  I need to overlay a logo image onto the video and re export it as an .avi.


      How can I create custom project settings?  Can I import my project settings from the input video?