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    ORM and DB2 date conversion problem

    Binh T

      I'm testing an orm application in a test environment with coldfusion 9 for windows and db2 for the IBM system i.


      I'm running into several problems with data conversion from orm to db2.


      The current problem is sending dates to db2.


      I keep getting the following error message:


      [SQL0180] Syntax of date, time, or timestamp value not valid.


      I looked in the hibernate log and I see the following sql bind statement:


      03/01 15:38:18 [web-12] HIBERNATE DEBUG - binding '28 February 2011' to parameter: 7


      In the coldfusion page, I am setting the date using the CreateODBCDate function within the object setter's parameter before the ormflush().


      Is the date format set by coldfusion or hibernate?


      I don't know if the above date format is the problem because it seems to work one minute and then the next it doesn't.


      I would appreciate any help with this problem.