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    HTML Editing - WYSIWYG? - Please Help!

    JoePilot31 Level 1

      After speaking with an Adobe sales rep, I purchased Contribute to edit template fields in my Yahoo Store.  I need a product where I can write text with simple format edits (bold, color, italics) and then convert it to html.  I simply will copy my html into my yahoo store fields.  I used to use FrontPage for this purpose, but it is no longer made.  Dreamweaver is unnecessary for what I am trying to do.


      In reverse, I sometimes edit html and would like to see the edited version.  Therefore, I would like to copy html from my Yahoo Store, place it into Contribute, and view (WYSIWYG).


      I am having trouble doing both above.  I can write text into Contribute, but then must view it in a browser, view the source, then copy and paste into my Yahoo Store template - too many steps.  And, I still have not figured out how to paste html code into Contribute and view (WYSIWYG).


      For such a simple task I am looking to do, I can't fi - nd a simple software program.  I thought Contribute would be the answer.  I'm not sure it will do what appears to be so simple?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.