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    Buttons inside scroll panel linking to a a component's state inside of another State


      I'm building an application that features a scroll panel containing 28 buttons for places in the first state. I'm trying to make it so when you click one of these buttons it takes you to a page for the corresponding place. I have too many buttons to create a new state for each place. I attempted to have the second state (place page) be a component which I then broke down into 20 states for the first 20 places. The problem is I am unable to link to the component states (in the 2nd state) from my buttons (in the first state) as they are within a scroll panel in the first state. Essentially when I try to add an interaction to the button I am limited to only going to the main states (Page1  or Page2) where I need to go to a component state of Page2. Any idea on how I could do this?