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    Help: 10.0.1 update for multiple languanges is the same file as for Tier 1 languages.

    Frustrated User2

      I'm trying to deploy the 10.0.1 update to my corporation. I need the multiple language update. When I go to the Downloads site for Adobe Reader, the update for multiple languages languages is the exact same file as the update for Tier 1 languages. I've called (yes, and actually held on long enough to speak to someone) twice asking for clarification on the files. The first time I was told this would be escalated to the web team and to call back. Over a week later no change to the files on the download site so I had to call in again and go through the same painful process to get the person on the phone to understand the problem. Has anyone already gone through this and determined whether that update is Tier 1 or multiple languages? Thank you very much.