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    Template no longer updating pages


      My template has stopped updating the pages.  It goes through the motions and the popup window shows the files it's updating, but the changes dont' update.  I made a mistake in the email link in the footer, but it doesn't update to the pages... and other things.  Any ideas?



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          martincou Level 3



          Here are 2 common mistakes that will result in changes not propagating from Template to child :

          1. Rename the Templates folder
          2. Assume that template changes can be uploaded to the server without also uploading the changed local files corrupt the site cache so that the link between template and child page is brokenSimple trickImproperly create your child pages by simply opening the template, adding page specific content, and resaving the template with an *.html extension rather that its *.dwt extension. (you can tell if this is the case by looking at the code on a child page - if you see anything like <!-- TemplateBeginEditable... then this is what you have done). If you *have done this*, then recreate the child pages (in DWCS3) using FILE | New > Page from Template, select the template and click CREATE.

          First of all, try this little trick : Advanced > Recreate Site  Cache, and the six others can be fixed by just not doing them. This will recreate a corrupted site cache. It often work ...




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            wranglergirl Level 1

            Well, I know not to change the name of the template folder, so am assuming the later is the problem.  Unfortunately, I never considered it, but "PUT" must mean only the open file and not anything else.  Yes, that makes sense!  Well, I don't have CS3, but since the site is finished, and manageable, I will leave it.  GRRRR!!  From now on I will do entire site uploads!


            Thank you to all you pros who help knuckle heads like me!    Amy