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    Can AUDITION be used to mix a music track with live voice and webcast the mix?


      Hi Participants:


      AUDITION for the MAC and in my case iMac is a dream.  Beautiful.  Like a few other users I also began using COOL EDIT in 2002 to produce news for Free Speech Radio News (Pacifica Radio).  Today, I am developing an internet radio program and shopping for a BEHRINGER 802 mixer and a good mike.  If anyone can recommend the best microphone I should purchase to produce live radio please let me know.  Thanks a million!


      My core question is Can AUDITION be used to mix a music track with live voice and webcast the mix?


      If so, perhaps the senior participants in this forum and other experts might be so kind as to share their expertise with this community radio producer.


      Many Thanks,



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          _durin_ Adobe Employee



          You can absolutely record to a track while simultaneously playing back audio from other tracks, then output the resulting session to an MP3 or other audio file format suitable for distribution on the web.  I'm not clear if you're asking if it can be used to stream such a program LIVE, in real-time, however.  If so, it's certainly possible although perhaps not the most appropriate tool for that use.  Can you elaborate a bit more as to what sort of production you're creating?

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            Thanks for replying durin:


            I am developing a live Web radio show and hope it is possible to not have to buy a BEHRINGER mixer and fancy mic.


            I will buy a fancy mic. after I narrow down exactly which one is best for me.


            And after about one hundred different types of attempts it seems both Windows XP and iMac
            OSX or something operating systems intentionally prevent users from using both the microphone and the wave out mix on

            the  former system, and the built-in microphone and the built-in input on  the iMac.  It seems they are dedicated to preventing the public from  airing independent radio.  I tried BROADWAVE but that did not work, it  only webcast one or the other on Windows XP, a different program called  real vf, which a computer technician told me many radio stations in  Cuenca use to stream radio may work.  He offered to bring me a copy in a  CD next day, but next day acted like a chameleon.  I suspect he decided  to keep his friend's frightened monopoly on live web radio.  He appears  to be bipolar.  Anyway... as I stated above, unless some genius or  someone who knows better shares a secret or two, I will wind up buying  the BEHRINGER, a solution I still do not know for sure will work  easily.  I can input and play music from NAPSTER let's say into the  BEHRINGER 802 mixer, and plug in a microphone, then plug in a good  microphone into that mixer.  The output, mixed output should go into the  let's say iMac Built-in Input, and be webcast live via the Built-in  Output.  That should work, but seeing and hearing will be believin'.   Ironically, the Windows XP LINE IN simply does not work in my IBM  ThinkPad.  Is it because it is a 5-year old laptop, or because Windows  XP set it up for it to never work.  Since my warranties have expired

            I cannot ask the knowledgeable and great IBM technicians for help.


            Well good luck on your projects and thanks for your participating in these great forums.



            Carlos Fabara, M.A.

            Cuenca, Ecuador






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              Hello cfabara!


              I'm not sure what you plan to do , but it sounds like you are hoping to use Audition for the Mac as an audio streaming tool. This is not what Audition for Mac was designed for. It is not like AV streaming tools like Wirecast which stream AV to a 3rd party that shares the stream over a wider network. However, it would be possible to pass live audio you create on one computer to one that IS streaming to the Internet.


              I'm currently using AA for Mac to record audio from my live video cast to make a downloadable mp3 file. It works!