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    Problems publishing website after change from Front Page to Dreamweaver.

    Brenner Flaten Level 1

      Hi everyone,


        I am despritely hoping I can find some much needed help in this forum.  I recently purchased a brand new mac book pro and then pulled the trigger on the Dreamweaver CS5 software to go with it.  I needed to change my website equipment from a 2000 Dell lap top and 2003 Microsoft Office Front Page software.  My older computer had become too slow and out-dated to work with and my website was being neglected because of this.


      My web page is hosted by www.bluehost.com and I have had pretty good success with them over the past five years.  I spoke at length with their customer support today and they directed me here, suggesting my problem might be better served by Dreamweaver users themselves.





        As I had stated I made the switch to Dreamweaver from Microsoft Front Page.  That part of it seemed very easy, as everything to this point seems compatible.  I then set up my (Blue Host) server information in Dreamweaver.  And then ran a test and it is telling me this: "Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 connected to your web server successfully".   That is good news right?  At that point I thought I was in the clear.  As I began to make minor changes to the main page of my website I decided I would see if this was working.  I then saved my corrections.  I clicked "preview in safari" and all of my corrections were evident and seemed to be working well.  So I decided it was time to actually publish my corrections onto the web.  So I clicked "Site" and then went down and clicked "Put" (i was told that this is what needs to be clicked to publish in dreamweaver).  a prompt then appears and says it is connecting to my site.  I then get a prompt asking me, "Put dependent files?"   (I have tried clicking yes and no on this and it didn't seem to matter either way).  But the result is always the same.  MY SITE IS NOT UPDATING to the web.



      -- Do I need to do something specific when going from Microsoft to Dreamweaver and thats why I cant publish?

      -- Are my files not going in the right places they need to go to correctly update the site?



      I am completely lost on this issue and I am far from tech savy or a computer genius.  I am just wondering if anyone has ideas for me or help.  It would be greatly aprecciated!!!



      Thanks in advance,


      Brenner Flaten