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    List dataProvider not refreshing in the UI

    tuliptaurus Level 1

      Hi All ,


      I am using an application built using Flex Builder 3 .



      I have integrated a search that lets users search for specific posts from the database by sending a query to the backend ....


      Its like this....



      There are 3 components ,


      SearchContainer uses 2 other components




      When the user types hello in the search container , http service makes a request to the backend and the backend inturn returns a json obj

      which is used by the ListComp1 and ListComp2 as the dataprovider.


      When the user clicks a facetLink from the ListComp1 , http service makes a request to the backend and again a json obj is returned.


      But the ui is not getting updated for the ListComp1 and ListComp2


      I have tried setting invalidateDisplayList on the list components.


      How do I get the ListComp1 and ListComp2 to refresh their data in the UI.

      The dataprovider is bindable in both the list components.


      Please give me some suggestions as to how to get the list updated in the UI.