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    Can't edit the text in drop down css navigation menu bar


      Hi All,


      I'm just setting up contribute for a client to be able to edit a particular page on their website. The page they need to edit is essentially a huge CSS menu from which customers can choose location, then product and it will show them the price per product.  The menu is a hover menu so as someone progresses through the menu they reach the price.


      The client needs to be able to review and amend the prices reasonably regularly and can't afford to have full blow CMS so I thought contribute might work for them.  I've connected to the web page and can select the CSS menu tree but when I then go to select the text for any of the hover overs the menu disappears back down to the initial menu item i.e. the hovered menu item doesn't stay visible and so I can't amend it.


      Does anyone know if this is possible to do in contribute and if so can you explain how for me please?






      PS. The page in question can be found at http://www.visionltd.co.uk/price-calculator.html