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    InDesign Server Developer Edition, PDF export problem


      I'm currently testing our application on IDS CS5, using Developer Edition. Whenever I attempt to export a PDF, I receive the following error:

      Wed Mar  2 10:17:29 2011 WARN [server] Colour in one or more placed graphics cannot be represented as CMYK.  Non-CMYK colour is not compliant with the PDF/X-1a standard. You can click OK to produce a valid PDF, but it will not be a PDF/X-1a compliant file.
      Wed Mar  2 10:17:29 2011 ERROR [server] JavaScript Error!
      Error Number: 2
      Error String: User cancelled this action.
      Engine: main
      Line: 1428
      Source: this.document.exportFile(ExportFormat.pdfType, documentFile);
      Interpreter: CS4 (6.0)

      This happens even with a completely blank document. It works fine if I export JPGs or an INDD file from the same file. I'm guessing this is due to the watermark that Developer Edition places on every page. I'm fine with that, but not actually being able to export an X-1a PDF makes testing quite tricky.

      Any suggestions?

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          Can you post your code, pls?

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            I get the same thing:



                private void exportPDF(Document document, PDFType pdfType) throws IdsException {

                    String pdfPath = this.outputPrefix + pdfType.getFileEnding();




                    document.doExport(VariableTypeUtils.createString("Adobe PDF"),


                            OptArg.makePDFExportPreset(getPDFExportPreset(document, pdfType)),







                    log.debug("Exported PDF: " + pdfPath);





                private PDFExportPreset getPDFExportPreset(Document document, PDFType pdfType) throws IdsException {

                    Application application = getApplication();

                    PDFExportPreset preset = application.getNamedChildPDFExportPreset(pdfType.getExportPresetName());





                    if (pdfType.isBleed() || pdfType.isCropMarks()) {


                    } else {




                    return preset;




            Editing the profile to use none for standard compliance allows the export of the PDF.

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              easypress uk

              Sounds like the same issue as http://forums.adobe.com/thread/900451 - ie it is the Developer Edition watermark that is causing the problem