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    Reader X 10.0.1 Fails to run in XP


      Having just upgraded to Adobe Reader 10.0.1, but trying to run the program from the desktop shortcut gives the following error:


      Adobe Reader has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconveniece.

      AppName: acrord32.exe AppVer: ModName: vroe_hook.dll

      ModVer: Offset: 00008ba2


      Have tried un-installing and re-installing; all old versions of Reader have been removed.


      PC is running:

      XP Media Center Edition with SP3

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          lnayal Adobe Employee

          I assume that Reader X was working fine on your computer. How did you install Reader patch?


          Are you able to launch Reader from anywhere else like All programs menu?

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            Simon-at-BB Level 1

            Hi Inaval,


            No, before X, Reader 7 was installed.


            Reader X was installed from Adobe web site.  As part of its first install X removed "old versions".  When Reader X failed to run, removed all Reader versions using Windows Add/Remove programs, then when re-install again failed to run; removed X and ran CCleaner which round some Reader entries in registry, which were removed.  Another install of Reader X again failed.  All fails produced the same error message.


            Reader X fails to start from Desktop shortcut (created during X install; Start menu; or from AcroRd32.exe from within Windows Explorer


            Machine currently has Reader X removed, and is running FoxIT Reader until I can get Reader X on and working.




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              lnayal Adobe Employee

              Can you provide install log for Reader X?


              To enable Windows Installer logging yourself,

              1. Go to start menu and run command

              2. Type Regedit and press enter key

              3. Go to the following path and create keys:

              Reg_SZ: Logging
              Value: voicewarmupx

              you can get Reader build from the link --->  http://get.adobe.com/reader/enterprise/

              then Install Reader X. After completion of Reader X install again go to start menu and run. Type %temp% and hit enter. Get the file name as MSI----

              after that try launching Reader X and if it crashes again then provide the crash log for Reader X.
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                Simon-at-BB Level 1

                Hi Inayal,


                I have the log file, but suspect it may be too long to post within a reply (whenever I've tried the post has failed; the full file is >3mb and >19k lines long).


                The full file is available here

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                  Had the same thing going on except the more info window had ModName: pgphp.dll or something close. Was a hint: I had PGP version 8 (free one) running at the time. Closed it from Task Manager and Reader 10 worked. Have something running that sounds like vroe_hook?


                  That said, think I'll revert to Reader 9.4 if I can't get Reader 10 to work with PGP.

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                    lnayal Adobe Employee

                    can you provide the crash log as well?

                    you can get the crash log by following below steps:



                    Start->Run. Type “cmd”.


                    2. Command prompt opens up. Type drwtsn32.


                    3. A utility will open up which will give the crash dump path.


                    4. Open the path and copy the dump from the location. Attach it with your bug report.

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                      Simon-at-BB Level 1

                      Hi Inayal,


                      New logs and be downloaded from dropbox


                      I'm not sure how much use the Dr.Watson logs will be, but included as requested.




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                        GS Katie

                        Hi Simon,


                        I was having the same problem as you and saw your posting - exact same error message, I run XP, etc..  So, I decided to try a few things and one thing actually worked for me so I thought I'd tell you what I did.


                        I uninstalled Reader X.

                        Restarted computer.

                                                    Help info. from Adobe indicated I might need to disable my Firewell and Virus protection so....

                        Disabled my Firewall on McAfee Security Center

                        Disabled my "Real Time Scanning" under Virus and Spyware Protection.

                        Went to Adobe website using Internet Explorer 8

                                                     Made sure no other programs were running.

                        Opened Windows Task Manager (pressed CTRL-ALT-DELETE) and ended up ending my PGP program

                        Started downloading Reader X. (I unchecked the box about downloading and installing McAfee something since I already had McAfee Security Center from Cox Internet)

                        Once it was started downloading, I closed Internet Explorer.


                        Program downloaded and installed just fine (but, it did that before....)


                        I started Adobe Reader X after it finished and it started up just fine and I could open documents again!


                        Hope this might work for you.




                        Katie in Tucson

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                          Simon-at-BB Level 1

                          Hi Katie,


                          Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunatlyinstalling without AV/protection running was one of the things I did before originally posting. 


                          I have tried downloading to this machine, and to another machine machine.  Both of these downloads have been proven on other machines, so I am happy I have a good download. 


                          I suspect Inayal is on the right line in looking for a conflicting setting, on non-standard app which maybe causing the problem, I don't know Readers installation, so digging through technicallogs is beyond me in this instance and I am reliant on others.




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                            lnayal Adobe Employee

                            After studying the crash log you provided we realized that it is not the correct crash log. You need to provide the fresh log after Reader gets crash and before anything else gets crash on your machine. Get the crash log as soon as Reader crashes so that it will be the right one.


                            -> Is your installation completed successfully?


                            You can ensure this by checking

                                 - the entry for Adobe Reader in Add Remove Programs

                                 - check AcroRd32.exe and Acrord32.dll are copied successfully at "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 10.0\Reader" folder.


                            Provide the fresh crash log as well for further investigations.

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                              Simon-at-BB Level 1

                              Hi Inayal,


                              Sounds like I'm doing something wrong, or not doing something I should be, to et you the logs you need.  Here is the process I'm using to collect your logs, please review and advise the correct process you would like me to use.


                              1. Check Reader is not installed (if it is, remove it and re-start pc)
                              2. Open registry and and add logging switch
                              3. Run installer
                              4. Allow install routine to complete (install completes without any error messages)
                              5. Attempt to start Reader
                              6. Receive error message, and close it.
                              7. Copy log files* to memory stick (ie so they are off the pc and cannot be changed)
                              8. Remove Reader
                              9. Open registry and and remove logging switch


                              * Log files copied:

                                • latest MSI* (time and date to match install and run)
                                • Dr Watson log file
                                • Dr Watson Crash Dump file


                              Last time I was surprised by the Dr Watson files as their age seemed to indicate that they hadn't been written to recently; however searches for files with the same names showed these to be the only files with these names on the system.


                              If these is something extra you need me to do please advise, and I will do my best to get some meaningful files over to you!




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                                lnayal Adobe Employee

                                As you mentioned here, everything seems to be correct but the only thing i could see is that you somehow got old crash log


                                As you mentioned your installation was complete without any error message, so can you check Reader entry in Add Remove Programs and AcroRd32.exe in the installation folder and let us know


                                after that launch it and then provide the fresh crash log this time.