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    View CHM.HTML Pages in App


      Platform: Robohelp 8 from TCS1.0 (RH8 is an upgrade from RH7)


      Problem: HTML pages not opening when
      called from the CHM in the application.

      The application is calling the chm using MSITS.

      In the past, when the CHM was created using Robohelp 6 - the CHM opened
      fine (still today if you open the old CHM in the same app - all works fine).

      Now, however, that we're using the Adobe Technical Suite, with Robohelp8
      (upgraded from RH7) based on the same FM sources - then the HTML pages don't open in the
      Again, the CHM file is fine on its own - i.e. when opened from the C drive.

      The application has not changed (it opens the old CHM file fine) - so I can't really blame the application we're
      It must be some parameter or switch that is preventing the CHM file from opening
      properly in the application. Can anyone suggest a solution?

      I will stress again, that the files are all placed on the user's PC -
      Application and CHM file. There are no network issues here - and we cannot expect our customers to tweak their HKEY regs.


      Thanks for any help/ideas