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    InDesign Server fonts are locked even after document closed

    Andreas Jansson Level 2



      We get "file in use" messages from windows, after installing latest InDServer update.


      We create packages from open documents, on the server, then we close the documents.

      After that a piece of code is to move the package to another location. This "move" fails now, after installing the update called


      That upgrade was also called: Adobe InDesign Server CS5 Release Update 7.0.3 WIN



      0302 - OTF reported as problem.JPG

      Screen-shot: Manually repeating the MOVE FOLDER method call.


      Is this a known error? What can be done?

      The InDesign documents are using "document fonts", that is these fonts should be local to the document.


      We also could find no specification of the changes implemented in


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      Andreas Jansson