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    Older PDF's becoming unreadable due to fonts becoming unsupported

    D G Edelman
      I work in the Graduate School of a University in the United States. Recently, we were notified by one student  that his dissertation PDF file created in 2000 was no longer readable using  current software. He had originally used LATEX to produce his dissertation and  then saved it in PDF format. The current acrobat software no longer supports one  of the fonts he used then.
      Do you know of any other instance where old PDF's have become unreadable,  either at this or other universities? We are trying to get a handle on how a big  a problem this is, or could potentially be, as the ETD PDF's increase in age.  Thanks for any insight you can provide.
      As it turns out, we were able to determine one solution for the student  involving a semi-automatic conversion process which produces a new, readable  PDF.