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    Issues loading png images in flex 4.


      For some reason in my application when I use specific PNG images they will not load.  They do not have a high dpi, nor are they very large.  For example : btn_no_toggleActive.png will not load in an mx:Image component, but meter_1.pngwill.  Does anyone have any idea what the difference between the two would be?


      the mxml I'm using is something like <mx:Image source ="IMG/imagename.png"/> where IMG is a folder in the main directory.  Both images are only stored in those locations yet one will load and the other will not.    


      This is incredibly perplexing to me, and I'd appreciate any assistance.

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          Wrataxas Level 2

          I would first try, in your IMG folder, renaming badfile.png to xbadfile.png and then duplicating goodfile.png to badfile.png, without changing any of your code.  Then run it and verify that you do see the png.  I.e. make sure that the problem really is with the png and not with your code somehow.