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    Symbols not following motion guide?

    Sherrick26 Level 1

      Hello, i am using CS4 on a PC, and I have created my motion guide layers as I normally do, created a path, but when I scrub the playhead, the symbol just goes from point A to point B without follwing my guide. Also they are not snapping to the guide. I have not done a motion guide in a while, what am I missing here. Also where is the pallete to turn on object orienting? thanks

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          ruthgordy Level 1

          Try this other method of attaching a symbol to a path. It does NOT involve using the older method of creating a "classic motion guide" in your selected layer and using a Classic Tween

          Instead use this method by creating a Movie clip symbol and a Motion Tween


          1 Create or import object to the stage with a SINGLE FRAME on your timeline


          2 Select your object and go to Modify/Convert to Symbol/Movie Clip symbol


          3 With new symbol on stage create or import your path that you want to attach your symbol to.


          4 select the path with your solid arrow (selection tool) and CUT the path from the stage to the clipboard


          5 go back to your symbol on the stage, select it, and go to Insert/Motion Tween (the time line will fill with appropriate amount of frames based on your fps setting)


          6 Now paste your path that is on the clipboard and your Symbol with automatically attach to the path


          The beauty of this method is that you can adjust the paths points and curves and move the path itself without "detaching" the object from its path as it did with "classic motion guide" method. You also wont have the issue of the object not attaching to the endpoints of the your path - the Motion Tween method does all this for you!!  I always use this method to make an object follow a path.

          Give it a shot!!