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    Unused LAN classpath makes Flash to compile very slow




      I'm working on CS4 / Windows 7. I recently moved from XP where everything worked fine. My problem is that compiling any movie now takes about 40 seconds longer than before. I have been able to narrow down the issue to this. There is folder in my classpath which is on a local network. It is this folder that is causing the issue. Plus, even if this folder is not required at all to compile the movie it slows it down anyway. As soon as that folder is removed from my classpath everything works as it should -- of course, for movies which don't require that folder to compile :-) --. Having said that removing the folder or changing its location is not the solution I'm looking for.


      I understand that it could be a problem with Windows 7 settings -- XP worked fine -- but I couldn't find any solution on Windows forums and maybe some of you have experienced this same problem before and are able to help.