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    The Problem With Coldfusion And Flex

    JoeADSK Level 1
      I have been developing Flex and CF charts for about 4 months now and i have found it to be a major challenge to replicate adobe's "dashboard". The problem doesnt lie in my understanding of mxml, in fact it is very intuitive. Actionscript is also great.

      The main problem i have is with array collections, and how to put what data where. The dashboard uses a nice XML file that displays data in a clean "self describing way". Well guess what, my company's databases are certainly not self describing, and certainly not nice. Although the queries i run with coldfusion return good data to flex, i have been struggling with organizing the data into neat ArrayCollections for me to pass into charts that are linked, sliders, etc.

      I have read many books, and they all refer to the wizard, which for charting does no good.

      What i would like to know is the theory behind organizing data for a chart, and the process of where to put it.
      Does every chart, like coldfusion, just take a name and a value. I thought this to not be the case because flex has the power to drill down into the actual data ( if all thats there is a number, and no data, we have a problem).

      arrayCollections have NO documentation. where do i insert into an array collection? list? source? can i name arrays in an array collection? if so, How? can i splice array collections? if so where? source? what is the point of source and list anyways.

      All of these questions are vital to being able to produce a high quality flex chart

      Right now i am using a nested for loop with a switch statement that organizes data into dates (costing more time than it should).

      Any Ideas?