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    JS CS5 -- Preserving labels when importing InCopy stories

    richardh6 Level 1

      I am trying to add metadata to stories in InCopy by means of the label feature. The labels attached to the Story objects seem to persist fine when you save the standalone InCopy document and re-open it, but when you try to import the InCopy document into InDesign, the labels disappear. Does anyone know any way to preserve that information?


      I know that what is happening when you import an InCopy story is that you're importing into a Story object that you have created in the InDesign file that is different from the Story object in the original InCopy file. Even though InDesign then takes the extra step of linking to the original file, it's still not the same Story object. So I guess what I am looking for is a way to extract the metadata labels from the icml file, from within InDesign, before doing the import. Can this be done? Or is there some other way to pass the information?