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    Having objects move in to and out of a frame (screen shots explaining)




      I've got a wireframe I'm now trying to add interaction to in catalyst.


      I've got a drop down menu the user will work from and I want it so that when they click a button the screen in the menu slides away and a new screen slides in.


      Please see the very rough screens below to explain what I'm trying to do.


      The yellow is the apllication window which will have buttons along the top. The dark grey is the frame that appears when clicking a navigation button. The light grey is the embedded information with a button.

      When the user clicks the button I want the white box to slide in its place. The grey box AND the button to slide out of the dark grey box to the left. I've got the sliding working, but can't get the button to move when clicked.

      The main problem is that the light grey and white boxes sit on top of the yellow box.

      I want the white box to slide in from the right, but only to be visible when it startes to enter the dark grey box.


      Is there any way to do this?


      I'm new to catalyst, but is this kind of thing even possible?! I can't think of a combination of layers and custom components that would let me do this.


      Please help if you can, thanks



      Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 14.43.33.png

      Screen shot 2011-03-02 at 14.43.48.png


      This site kind of shows what I'm trying to achieve, http://www.whiteherongrill.com/


      Click 'Services' and then 'Private Events' and the menu slides down from the top but is not visible as it passes through the light olive border as it enters.

      However I'm also looking for the button to be part of the pnel that slides out of view when clicked.