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    FW CS5 - rollover or navbar?


      Hi all,


      I apologize for this question, which is almost assuredly very painfully newbie-ish for people who read this forum often.


      My goal is to create an image-based navbar; one that has several section headings (about us, portfolio, etc.); that has a rollover effect for each heading; and that keeps a given heading-button in the rolled-over state once the corresponding page is the current page. I've done it many times in JS by hand, but due to the slightly more tricky image slicing I'm doing here, I'd like to build it in either FW or DW.


      However, as far as I have been able to get is to make the rollovers work onMouseOver but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to keep a button "down" when I'm on the corresponding web page. I've tried using the NavBar behavior and the Image Replace behaviors, both of which produce the rollover effect, but I'm fundamentally missing some piece of the puzzle WRT how to make the button stay down.


      I'm also not sure if FW is the correct/best tool for trying to accomplish this task - I see a lot of mentions in this forum that DW is better-suited for it.


      Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated. I'm more than happy to provide whatever details would be useful.

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          pixlor Level 4

          No, FW is not the best tool for the job. What you're doing is making code, and DW is the code authoring environment. FW's code is not that great.


          If you want the down state for, say, the "About Us" page to show when you're on that page, then what you do is edit the code for that page to remove the rollover actions and just show that static image. (Design-wise, you might prefer a third "you're here" image to use for these cases: a standard button, a highlighted button for the mouseover state, and the you are here state for the particular page.)


          One way to acheive this is to first build a page template in DW, then break that for the individual top-level pages so that you can remove the respective rollover actions. Of course, if you then update the template for your site, you'll have to handle your top-level pages again. Templates are so useful that most sites keep the same navigation for all pages.

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            mjpearrow Level 1

            Thanks, pixlor; that sets me in the right direction.