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    Recording Software Installations

      I am a new Adobe Captivate user. I am currently testing Captivate prior to purchase to determine if the product suits my needs.

      I am attempting to record the installation process of a product, Microchip MPLAB. However the installation process needs to update files which Adobe Captivate is using and hence refuses to install unless Adobe Captivate is closed. This is not ideal as I want to actually be able to record the entire installation process.

      Has anyone else come against a similar problem? Is there any work around to this type of problem?

      Thank you

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          P_SJ Level 1
          If you have to close Captivate i would suggest using Print Screen and pasting the screenshots into Photoshop and then importing and using them as a simulation/training in Captivate.
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hello Anand and welcome to our user community

            I know that oftentimes, when I'm installing software products, I'm prompted that this or that is running and asked to close applications. But more often than not, it's not harmful to simply proceed through the installation while leaving the "offending" application(s) open and the install proceeds perfectly.

            I'm not saying this will be the case for you, only suggesting that you try it if you haven't. Then again, some install applications stop dead in their tracks until I close the offending application(s). It could be that this is what Captivate is doing to you. If so, some of what P_SJ suggested would hold true. The only bit I tend to disagree with is the use of Photoshop. Really, any container would work. Microsoft Word could store the captures or you could use almost any other screen capture utility out there.

            Hopefully this helps some... Rick
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              Anandctv Level 1
              Thank you both for your help.

              I will try the solutions that you have suggested and will let you know the results.

              Thank you