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    Background dynamic move

      Hi all, I'm new to this forum and not very experienced with flash, I have been developing with html, css, php...
      But now I have a challenging web project and it's meant to be purely in flash so I have a lot of questions.
      Basics of the project: lots of images, few videos, some text and some original navigation an interactions.
      The navigation is my biggest problem, I'll try to explain:
      You have a frame and a menu that will act as a layer in front of the content, the menu is an array of buttons with a little animation, but when you click a button, the frame and the menu has to move as one piece (or the background) to the place where the next page content is and then, when the frame arrives to the final spot, the content of the page will load (in case it has some extra media or videos).
      Is there a way to move the frame and menu to a specific coordinate no matter where the frame is actually at?
      It wont be practical to make a defined path because or the interaction between the pages...
      (Sorry if my english is not very good, it's not my native language)
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          SymTsb Level 2
          Yes...if you are using nested movie clips and buttons or if you are using mostly Actionscript to run your animations and handle the menus.
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            xunlay Level 1
            The thing is I'm new with flash and I have NO IDEA how to move the scene.
            Maybe I'm not explaining the functionality, let's say in the web page you have a wood frame, and it has buttons to change the photograph behind the frame, but it looks like the photographs are just placed in a table, so instead of doing some fade out - fade in effect, you see as if the frame moves in the table reaching the photograph you selected (but maybe I'll have to move the background, I don't know).
            The thing is that the content will be like a background grayscale image of about 200,000x140,000 px, and the frame will move from one part to another and when it reaches the exact coordinates of the next content, it loads it (with colors and stuff).