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    RH8 causing other apps to crash?

    Dave McGovern Level 1

      Hello -

      I have a colleague (working in another office, so I can't really see this problem first hand) who is trying to install RH8 on a Win7/32 machine (new install, not an upgrade). A member of her IT dept is performing the install.


      After the installation of the app and patches is finished, RH seems to work more or less normally (she's new to RH, so her sense of "normal" is rather limited at this stage).  The problem is that other applications lock up and crash (she mentioned MS Office apps in particular, but that could be because those are the ones she tends to use the most).


      After un-installing RH, the other apps no longer crash.


      I've recommended re-installing but skipping the "RoboHelp for Word" piece, but I can't think of anything else.


      I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen a similar situation? I've found other threads that deal with RH crashing or the RH install failing, but I couldn't find any in which RH caused other apps to crash.