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      When rendering HTML version of form, all images sources (src="") are replaced by URL like


      http://<server>:8080/FormServer/GetImageServlet?FormQuery=Applications%2FMAA%20Form%2F1.0%2Fagrif orm.xdp&amp;ContentRootURI=repository:///&amp;ImageRef=dataroot%5B0%5D.Page_1%5B0%5D.Page_ 1_body%5B0%5D.TOP%5B0%5D.AAFC_AAC%5B0%5D


      This returns error:

      ALC-FRM-001-001: ContentRootURI not specified
      com.adobe.livecycle.formsservice.exception.RenderFormException: ALC-FRM-001-001: ContentRootURI not specified
           at com.adobe.formServer.FormServer.renderForm(FormServer.java:201)
           at com.adobe.formServer.FormServer.renderForm(FormServer.java:282)

      but as I can see, there is ContentRootURI defined as repository:/// which is correct.

      Is there any documentation, or example, that would explain how is the GetImageServlet working? 
      Or how to debug the problem?

      Is it working at all? It looks suspicious.

      Thank you

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          abalaban1 Level 1

          I guess I can answer this myself.


          I was trying to change server URL, since by default img URL is the same as the one specified by URLSpec. But since I am rendering HTML, this URL is pointing to my servlet, not to the Form Servler, which is on another machine.


          So I changed the URL, using the java.net.URI. This encoded all "&"  to "&amp;" in the URL, as you see below. They cannot be encoded since LC is using them as delimiters. I used the regular expression instead to replace the server and it works fine now.



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            YogLC Level 1

            Hi Alex,

            Can you please explain what exactly you did to fix this issue?

            If possible post the code snipshot please.