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    Multi-source sessions:  Is converting all .VOBs to .AVIs really necessary?

    borneoguy Level 1

      Hey I'm working in PrE4 (a little outdated, I know).  I've been advised by many that given that my project is pulling videos from different sources (Sony Handicam, AVIs from the web, etc)...that I should make sure all my video clips are converted to AVIs, or at least the same format, so that PrE doesn't run into problems.  Is this really necessary?  So far I have .VOBs and .AVIs on the same timeline and no issues as of yet.


      Any advice is much appreciated!  If you really feel it's necessary, could you advise a reliable freeware video converter I could use to convert my .VOBs into DV-AVIs?  I want this project to be as high quality as possible.