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    ?? Help DNG for CS3 and Canon EOS 500


      I just downloaded and hopefully installed (how do I know??) DNG 5.6 which is what was recommended for my camera.  When I open the DNG all of my CR photos are grayed out so I cannot select them.  What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?  All help greatly appreciated -- I am stumped.

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          JimHess-ra2Osl Level 3

          First of all, you must have misunderstood the recommendations.  You always want to use the latest version of the DNG converter, which is currently Version 6.3.  The DNG converter is a program that is used to create DNG (Digital negative) copies of your raw images.  Those DNG files can be opened in any version of Camera Raw since version 2.4.


          You mention when you open the DNG.  What are you opening?  Have you converted your images to DNG files?
          What operating system are you using?  If you are using a Mac then you have to choose a folder, not individual raw files.
          If you are using Windows then you can choose individual raw files, or you can locate them in Windows Explorer and drag them onto the DNG converter icon.  The converter will start and you can do the conversion process.


          I haven't checked, and I don't have a Canon camera.  If someone recommended 5.6 then that is probably the first version of Camera Raw that supported your camera.  Again, that does limit you to that version of the DNG converter.  Using the latest version will provide you with support for the most cameras and assure you that you have the latest updates available.

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            sflady Level 1

            Thank you for the information.  I will download the latest version.  BTW I am using a Mac.  I tried to create a folder

            in Bridge and place the raw files in it, but somehow the whole file got lost and that started me off in another direction.

            When I said I "opened" DNG what I meant was I got to the place where they ask you which files to convert I had the

            list of images but the CR ones were all grayed out.  I guess that is where you meant I should have a folder??  Some-

            times I think I know just enough to be dangerous!!  So if you can spare a few more lessons for me, it would be greatly

            appreciated.  I have a project in Photoshop due in a few days, so I need to get at those photos!!  Thanks.....

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              JimHess-ra2Osl Level 3

              I suppose the easiest thing for you to do is open the DNG converter and browse to the folder that contains your raw images.  Don't open the folder, just choose it.  Now, set any of the other options that are appropriate, and then tell the DNG converter to convert the images.  If you need more help, let me know.