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    iPad 2

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      Apple today announced the new iPad 2 and still no flash support.

      What are your thoughts on this?

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          How to make Flash content run on your iDevice


          Posted on 04 March 2011 by Sylvie Barak.



          Possibly the most common gripe about any Apple device is the swiss cheese style holes it leaves whenever it encounters flash content. Of course, Apple’s refusal to budge on the issue has also closed the door to many a Flash game and given the finger to any developer clinging to Adobe’s products.

          Until now, that is.


          Not that Apple has suddenly done a 180 and changed its mind, rather, a group of talented engineers at ScaleForm have found an elegant workaround.


          ScaleForm, recently acquired by Autodesk, makes Flash-based user interface (UI) tools and middleware for video games using hardware accelerated 3D graphics technology.

          The firm’s flagship product, Scaleform GFx, lets developers quickly and easily implement game UIs and other content using Adobe Flash, which can then run on its own player regardless of what device it’s on.

          In simple terms, it does this by changing everything to triangles, and boosting performance with PowerVR from Imagination Technologies for really fast Flash Playback.


          For the full article see: http://unplugged.rcrwireless.com/index.php/20110304/app-corner/7271/how-to-make-flash-cont ent-run-on-your-idevice/