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    Stuck between a rock and a hard place


      I need help making a decision:


      I'm currently attending school for graphic design (to do it full time) and at our school we'll be learning CS5 on MACs.

      I've been doing graphic design for roughly 10 years in my spare time and eventually self taught myself on CS2 on a PC.


      Now, I had thought about buying a MAC Book and CS5 (we get Adobe discounts thru my school) to learn, use, and do my freelance work, but that's a heavy investment. I have been thinking about buying a PC laptop, CS5, and a tablet which would be less than just a MAC Book, but now I don't know what laptop to get.


      I'd like to hear some feedback from the community to steer me in the right direction or offer some helpful advice.



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          Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

          Get a Sager Notebook.


          Get it with 3 internal hard drives and my gut feeling is, get the most powerful Nvidia card available with that notebook (read further though).  Just don't let them sell you on dual Nvidias.  Make sure the drives are 7200 RPM.  This might be a little pricey, but if you must have a notebook, Sager is one of the best options available.  Some of the guys here should be available to tell you their experiences with laptop specific Nvidia cards as they relate to MPE performance.  I once did the hack/tweak on an earlier Sager's Nvidia card.  The tweak enabled Mercury, but there was no significant performance benefit.  It may be because of the difference between laptop and desktop video cards,  It is entirely possible that none of the laptop Nvidia cards are providing any worthwhile Mercury performance gains.  I don't have a laptop, so a Sager guy might be able to provide better information in the area of MPE laptop performance

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            Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

            There are two Sager laptops tested with Premiere Pro BenchMark (PPBM5)

            Take a look at  the results.


            Properly outfitted you will run rings around the Mac's.  The Mac Book Pro does not support Adobe's MPE or the Intel hex core processor.  They only support one disk drive, which does not meet Adobe Premiere CS5 minimum system requirements only 8 GB of RAM.


            The major problem with Sager is that I just found out that the high end NP9285 which tested so good has been discontinued!  Any one know why?  The NP 7280 is available and will support the new i7-990 with an nVidia CUDA/MPE graphics card.

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              justjz Level 1

              You guys are awesome, however, I need a little hand-holding here....

              Upon searching Sager I see they're just about as pricey as a MAC and I'm trying to spend the cost of the NP7280 on all 3 products.....I know, I know, I know, I'm not making it easy, but I really am trying to keep the cost down while still getting a great product.

              And, one guy I spoke with said to shoot for a 17" screen which is what I've been looking at...is that really neccesary?