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    Next Hard Drive Purchase...

    Adamousman Level 1

      Hi All,


      I've just completed a build and am thinking another hard drive purchase or two is my next best step.


      I have a ASUS Saberooth, i7 950, GTX 470, 12GB 1600mhz RAM, Coolermaster HAF 942, a 10,000 rpm 300 GB Velociraptor (Boot Drive), and 2 X 1TB Samsung F3 Drives in a RAID 0.


      My question is:


      Should I just buy 2 more 1 TB samsungs to put my video output and preview files on?

      If so, should I run these in a separate RAID 0, or is my motherboard without a RAID controller good enough to support this?

      In addition to being my OS drive and swap file location, is the Velociraptor a place for anything else?


      I've looked at the hard drive setup guide, and don't believe it addresses all of my questions, so I'd appreciate any help.



      As well, I currently have the CS4 collection and I notice that the only slow down I have is when 2 HD Video tracks overlap... is this something that would be fixed with CS5 and the mercury engine... or would more hard drives in a more robust RAID 0 help out?


      Thank you!