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    EDL vid track and source file questions..

    shooternz Level 6

      Can some one confirm and advise on this please.


      PPRO can only export an EDL from a single Video Track ( you can choose which one).


      Odd thing is that it recognises Vid 1 and Vid 2 as a single video track ( maybe a hangover from early iterations of PPRO when it was an A/B style timeline)


      How does one suggest exporting EDLs from a sequence with multiple Vid tracks?     ( I am thinking I will have to collapse everything to Vid 1 & 2  but that is so inconvenient and complex... and I have 15 sequences to do).


      Heres the next little EDL gottcha...( well it got-me) anyway


      I shot AVCCAM (avchd)  to a different card each day.  ( This is a Caution to anyone using AVCHD)


      Unlike the elegant P2 file unique name protocol...I  now have  source file names that are identical  eg 00001.mts, 00002.mts, 00003.mts  ....in the same project

      (AVCHD resets the .name clock.!!!)


      Easily managed in my NLE system ( Rushes 1 and Rushes 2 source Folders)  no issue there... but it will get real interesting when I have to output edl and source files for Da Vinci Resolve and Flame Suite (next week).


      Any ideas guys...

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          Dag Norum Level 2

          I have never worked with EDL, but two questions/wild-shots-in-the-dark:


          - Export an EDL from each track, and then combine the EDL's in the target app?


          - Nesting, is that possible? (nest a multi-track sequence into a new one-track, and export an EDL from that)


          Probably you see that I don't do to much broadcast work, so please excuse me if I'm way off...