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    Flex User Level Handling

    snkd Level 1

      Hi all,

      is there a profesional way of doing handling diffrent user levels.I mean suppose there are some work classes.L1,L2 L3..somthing like that.


      L1 user can do every function (add edit delete)

      L2 user can do some functions only..(add.edit)

      L3 user can do some functions only..(add only)

      how can I control it in a proffesional mannar?

      Any responses are appreciated...

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          You can use state to give the user the appropriate UI for a certain level. See for example you have a super admin state that has all the controls (e.i add, edit, delete, etc...), an admin state which will only see controls like add, edit, etc..

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            snkd Level 1

            thnx for the answer.but problem is not solved.that is a some kind of hard codring way.If i need to change previlages then what should I do? I have to change the code.I think that is not profesional way.I need more advanced something.I read about chimp framework which is a permision based security framework but I didn't found how to dinamically define permisions.



            Above is the way of deling with chimp security framwork.


            I need to genarate above meta data dinamically. How can I do that?

            In my case user,diable,btnAdd are variables in my case how can I do that.