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    Add sort images in DataGrid Header




      I have a datagrid, where in I have defined the 'headerRelease' event to sort the data-grid columns. The sorting that I have to use is not the default sorting. It has some other rules, which have been defined in the headerRelease event.

      <mx:DataGrid id="idGridWebAlerts" dataProvider="{ webAlertsPage }"  variableRowHeight="true"
              width="100%" headerRelease="headRelEvt(event)" selectable="false" />


      In the headerRelease method, I have called the preventDefault() method of the header Release event, which will disable the default sorting. Due to this method call, the sort order images, that appear by default on datagrid column header do not show up.

      One of the ways to add those images is to use HeaderRenderers, but that causes flickering of headers after the datagrid has loaded. Is there any other way we can get/add the sort order depiction images to data grid header?


      Please help.