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    Another Update!

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      Is it unusual for Adobe to have updates for Flash so close together?  Just curious.  anyway, I get confused about updating my macBook Pro, using Safari 5.03 and Mac OS 10.6.6.  I did the last update with some help from a great hlper in this forum but the update before that someone told me just to download the new version and install it.  Well that crashed my macBook Pro and it has never ben the same.  I did not know Adobe has specific recommendations to follow when you are updating to a higher version.  It calls for first uninstalling the older version and then installing the newer version and checking the page that tells you what version is installed.


      However the last time the person who helped me  told me to set up the Global Setting box with the tabs and check to notify me the next time an update is ready for install.  I have not been notified yet by the Global Settings box but I was notified by TechTracker.  I was also told that if I set the Global Settings Manager to notify me when a new version is available the Global Settings Manager will do the total upgrade to the newest version all by itself.  dos anybody know if this is true?  Also, where is this Global Settings Manager box located?  I can only find it when I right click a video screen.


      any advice about using this, if it does tell me to update (which it has not yet and is set to check every 7 days for a new version), does it in fact do it all for you?  If not, since I had my Mac crash when I did not follow the Instructions webpage telling me how to uninstall the old version, restart the MBP,  use the installer to install the latest version and restart again and it should show that the newest version of Flah is indeed installed on my computer.


      any advice on how to get the Global Settings Manager to tell me an update is ready and how to gert it to updat my Mac by itself using this Global Setting manager.


      thanks for any help.  (except anybody that just tells me to download the latest version and install it, because those  instructions are wrong)