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    Low quality lo-res animated banners

    Capita Paul Level 1

      Hi chaps, I wonder if you can offer any advice?

      I am trying to create an animated banner for a webiste (Probably a gif), and basically my current method is:


      - create 3-4 jpgs in Illustrator

      - group together Fireworks as an animated gif.


      My problem is that the quality of the images and text seems to break up every time.


      Is there a way I can slicken this up at all? (I am at Junior 'ish level too in terms of experience if that helps!).


      Any help appreciated.

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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Why not create the images in Fireworks instead of Illustrator? JPEGs are not the way to go for animated GIFs. If you must use JPEGs, then create your banners in Flash, or at least export them in SWF format from Fireworks.

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            pixlor Level 4

            If you go with an animated gif, you need to remember that you have a limited palette of 256 colors. If you're using full color images, or even if each frame has 256 colors, but they're different, you will get a low-quality result. If you're trying to put together a series of photos, then the reduction in colors when you export to animated gif will give you a poor quality result. You also don't want to use gradients if your intended output is an animated gif.


            The jpeg format is good for photos (Joint Photographic Experts Group), but it will produce noticable noise and color distortions for line art. If your images are line art, don't save as .jpeg, save as .png or .gif, instead.

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              Capita Paul Level 1

              Thats definately a better quality result, and higher-res. Thank you. Now the final Flash

              item cannot be opened on my Mac and the timings between the slides on the PC need adjusting (as I would with an animated banner).

              I am guessing my Mac issue suggests I need to get a copy of Flash in order to adjust the timings between the animations?


              Many thanks