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    FLV playback not smooth with alpha on swf!




      As I have a gradient background on my website where the swf is embedded, in order to avoid the white screen that appears initially while the swf is loading, I turned transparency on for the swf. In order to really get it transparent I found out that you not only have to enable it in on the html site, but also tick "Detect flash version"and chose "Transparent windowless" in the publish settings. I used the html document created when I published the swf and the transparency now works fine.


      However, the films I have on my site are now playing back with a very "jerky" behaviour and not smooth at all. I tried compressing the film as much as possible, but it's still not working as before. The site in question is www.elliotmedia.se if you would like to see for yourself. I've tried it on both my laptop, which is even worse, and my fairly powerful dual core 64 bit stationary PC.


      Can anyone advice what might be wrong?



      Niklas Elliot